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    Since the fall of 2006, we have been gathering unto Him many evenings each week.  More >

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Reclaiming the Art of Spiritual Warfare

We are living in a very dangerous time. Yet it's one of the most strategic times for the church of the lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord still rides on a white horse with a sword coming out of his mouth conquering. There has been a spirit of complacency and apathy that has especially swept across the United States. Many have lost purpose and vision and have bowed to the spirit of TOLERANCE. This is the time God will restore to the church the FIGHT again but not a physical or natural one; a spiritual FIGHT with spiritual weapons that have been through blood and glory designed to win in every battle regardless of what's arrayed against them. 
  • In this gathering you will learn how to get back up and fight again. 
  • How prayer, praise and worship are effectual weapons in successful spiritual warfare 
  • How to know if your under the spell of tolerance? 
  • If you have laid down your weapons? 
  • How to get your fight back?
  • Why do you struggle with sinful behaviors and annoying habits?
  • How the armor of God is invincible and if used correctly will secure victory in every battle (even if is looks like you've lost)
  • The fight is actually fixed things are in your favor
  • How do casualties of war occur and well as how to avoid being a casualty and much more....


2014 Fall Clean Up

Attention all WOTL, GUH, Northside Christian School & ACTS familyPlease mark your calendars for Saturday November 8th for our annual Fall clean up. Start time is 8:30 a.m. Donuts and coffee will be provided for the early birds. We encouraged you to bring leaf blowers, tarps, rakes and truck/trailers to ‘move’ the piles of leaves and any garden tools.Please bring appropriate clothing, shovels, rakes, leaf blowers and any garden tools. Please remember to dress warm. Thank You all in advance for all of your help! If it rains the morning of the 8th, we will reschedule.

Day 11 -- Yom Kippur

Shalon from Jerusalem! The City of the Great King!We just concluded Kom Kippur. It is one of the holiest holidays for the Jewish people. It is also a day of fasting. The whole state of Israel shuts down. No vehicles are allowed to drive from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday. They use no machines for anything. For example, I went to pick-up my laundry from the front desk and they could not take my credit card or run the transaction. I had to come this evening after 8:00 PM to pay for it. The Jewish culture is quite interesting.Tomorrow we begin our three day tour. It is one of the highlights of the whole trip. I get the tour briefing tomorrow at our 8:00 AM meeting. I wish I could tell you where we are going but I will not know until after the meeting. We hit the road at the end of the meeting. Hopefully, someone will have enough energy to write a quick update on the day’s adventure. I will get more information tomorrow.The whole team seems to be doing fairly well. The ones that have been sick are feeling better. The ones that do not feel so good are not getting worse. So, it appears we are doing well.We continue to pray daily and lift you all up before the Lord.Shalom and God bless!John