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Come and celebrate this Sunday with us!

Larry Alberts 50th Anniversary Celebration

Sunday morning, May 16th, 2021 at 10 AM

Next Sunday, May 16th, is Larry’s 50th birthday in The Lord! Let us join Larry to celebrate 50 years of service and commitment unto Jesus and The Body of Christ world wide!


It is very fitting (and exciting) that a spiritual son Dr. Charles Karuku and wife Lindsey are coming to speak to us next Sunday! It’s God’s perfect timing for them to come on the 50th anniversary of Larry’s spiritual birth and ministry unto The Lord. Let us keep in our hearts a remembrance to thank the Lord for our father in the faith.


We all know Larry doesn’t like all the attention, but many feel it would be good to celebrate. There will be refreshments after the service, and as you feel led please feel free to bless Larry with a card or note.


Thank you Uncle Larry for 50 years of devoted love and dedicated loyalty, we love you!