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Monday Prayer Focus

Join us in specifically praying for the people, nation, and land of Israel every Monday.

All Nations Convocation

Once a year, our church participates in a world summit of revival and prayer in Israel where 150+ nations gather to cry out to God for revival in their land and in the land of Israel.

For His Name Sake

For His Name Sake (Key of David, Intl.) is a one new man worship arts fellowship called to lift up the name of the Lord through local and international worship celebrations, Feasts of the Lord, concerts, and humanitarian relief projects.

Beit El Israel Church

Learn more about and how to support our Ethiopian Jewish friends and church community in Jerusalem.

Heart For Israel
Image by Cole Keister

God chose Israel. From their people come the law, the covenant, the promises, and the Messiah Himself, Jesus Christ. And God wants to bring His chosen people back to Himself in these last days.

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