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We are committed to personal and corporate prayer for the following:

Christian Church - faithfulness and unity for believers worldwide, that all generations, denominations, nations, and races together devote themselves to knowing, loving, and serving Jesus Christ, Savior and King of Heaven and earth


Israel and the Jewish People - recognition of God’s covenant with and ongoing purposes for the land and people, for salvation and protection


Government - righteousness, wisdom, and God’s priorities in our elected and appointed leaders


Life - human life from conception to death, including the unborn, the elderly, and those needing forgiveness and healing from abortions in their families


First Nations/Native Americans - recognition of the way the church has ignored and trampled upon the rights and roles of indigenous people, praying for healing with a heart for their full restoration as brothers and sisters with an irreplaceable part in the bride of Christ


Persecuted Christians - identifying with, supporting, and praying for those suffering for their Christian faith

Muslims - conversion and freedom in Jesus Christ as Savior for Muslims worldwide

Healing - Jesus promises to make all things new and wants us to agree with the Father's desire to bring heaven to earth. We are contending for healing in all these areas, in every sphere of society, and in our own hearts and homes.

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