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The joyous praise and worship of Jesus Christ is savored and celebrated in our life and community at Way of the Lord. 


We are a family devoted to ministering to the heart of God through praise, worship, and prayer because we believe that 1) He deserves it, and 2) connecting and encountering God transforms us, no matter what our age, background, and musical preference.


We gather together five times each week (see "Services" for details) to give God our praise, our thanks, and to worship Him by agreeing with who He is, and to pray for God's creation by agreeing with what He desires to do in our lives, our city, and the earth.

Worship is a lifestyle.


It goes beyond singing, clapping, and playing an instrument. Our worship is simply an joyful offering of love and obedience to Jesus. Our music is simply an expression and celebration of our love for Him.

Both the very young and the elderly can be seen wholeheartedly participating in this celebration and communion with ​Jesus Christ in each of our services. Come and join us in savoring the only One deserving of such extravagant praise!

The worship ministry is led by Joey Stontz

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