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Life is beautiful when it is spent with people that love and care for you. God never intended you to walk through life alone. Join us in our pursuit of Christ and loving one another.

Current Life Groups

Last Updated 10-20-23

1. Givand's (all ages - prayer, fellowship)

2. Ackermann's (older adults - prayer, bible study)

3. Anderson's (all ages - fellowship, accountability)

4. Buuck's (all ages - prayer, fellowship)

5. Scheil's (all ages)

6. Stokes' & Samuels' (adults)

7. Massoglia's (Young families - fellowship, accountability)

8. Thompson's (older adults)

9. Weber's (adults)

10. McCabe's (adults)

11. Wonders' (adult men - fellowship, accountability)

12. K. Alberts' (young single women - discipleship)

13. Alyson, Michelle, Jason, Matt (young adults - prayer, fellowship)

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