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Minnesota: A Midwest Abortion Hub, or Pro-Life State? --Chris Massoglia -- December 2021

Updated: Jan 4, 2022


Today, Dec 1st, 2021, the US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a significant abortion case: Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. This case challenges a Mississippi state law that protects and affirms the humanity of the fetus’ life after 15 weeks gestation. This case has the best potential to overturn Roe v. Wade we’ve ever seen! The fact the US Supreme Court even took up this case and didn’t rule it down on precedent is a great sign that the court is ready to address the wrongs in Roe and reverse the wicked ruling that has led to over 60 million lives lost since 1973. When Shauna & I had our ultrasound of Christopher at 12 weeks gestation, he was kicking, bucking, had a heartbeat, 10 fingers, 10 toes, brain activity, and he could feel pain. Totally human, totally alive, and totally worth protecting.

If the supreme court decides to protect life after 15 weeks, what will this mean for Minnesota?

Once Roe is overruled, most likely the abortion laws will be determined state by state. Unfortunately, Minnesota is currently set to become a Midwest abortion hub. Since most of our neighboring states are very pro-life, women who want an abortion in the Dakotas, Iowa, & Wisconsin will flock to the Planned Parenthood in St. Paul. We desperately need God to intervene and the church to step up in order to prevent Minnesota from becoming an “Abortion Mecca”.

A Battle For Minnesota

In 1995, the MN Supreme Court solidified Minnesota state taxpayer funding of abortion and ratified our MN constitution to include “the right to abortion”. In 2017, when the GOP held the MN house and the MN senate they passed a bill to overrule this decision, but (predictably) then Governor Dayton vetoed it. We have two paths to seeing a pro-life Minnesota. One, we elect pro-life leaders across the board in 2022 and pass a bill similar to the one Dayton vetoed in 2017; or two, if we don’t sweep the board we need to at least win the governor's seat to be able to appoint pro-life judges to the MN Supreme Court. Each path requires a state-wide pro-life victory in 2022, something that hasn’t happened since 2006 when Tim Pawlenty was elected to his second term.

What Can I Do?

We need to keep praying, vote pro-life, and take action. I’m so encouraged by the pro-lifers that have never stopped praying for life since the 1970s. With a foundation of prayer, we absolutely need to vote pro-life in 2022. Share this message of the importance of the statewide ’22 elections with your pro-life voting friends and family. If you would like to take action there are many ways you can get involved. You could help pro-life candidates campaign, volunteer to do sidewalk counseling outside abortion clinics, donate to a pro-life group, or help out pregnancy resource centers. If you would like some ideas & recommendations of where to start feel free to contact Chris Massoglia -

Thank you, Way Of The Lord community, for your commitment to the LIFE mandate the Lord has entrusted to us,

Chris Massoglia

DISCLAIMER: Way of The Lord does not endorse specific political parties, or candidates, but does encourage you to vote Pro-Life. There are groups like “Democrats For Life” & “Progressives For Life”. In some states, there are pro-life candidates in both of the US’ major political parties.

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