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One New Man Portal in the Spirit -- Dr. Lance Wonders -- October 2021

A few years down the road of our evening "Gathering Unto Him" meetings (affectionately called "The Move," which began on Sunday night, October 30, 2006, there was a lot of talk and focus on what some were calling a heavenly "portal" next to the upper right-hand "space" by the Cross at the front of the sanctuary. Bill Mayes was the first one to "see" it in the spiritual realm, many years ago.

A team of five-fold ministers (Eph. 4:11ff. = apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers) meanwhile, connected to "the Move", embraced the name "Team Rehoboth" and, for a season, the portal was also called "Rehoboth", named after a well of water described in Genesis where God's chosen "patriarchs" received His refreshing and water for themselves and their herds.

In Hebrew, "Rehoboth" means, "there is room enough!" or "what is here is sufficient!" The same idea was present when Jesus declared that the little boy's loaves and fishes were sufficient to feed the crowds, when He miraculously fed the 5000 with that surrendered "portion".

In our own case, Pastor Larry was tasked by Tom Hess and the directors of the All Nations Convocation in Jerusalem to "oversee" the Jaffa (mostly North American) Prayer Gate, maintaining ongoing intercession for both the nations in that "pie-slice" of the world, as well as its origins in Israel herself. This was appropriate for many reasons, not the least of which was Pastor Larry's long-standing, prior commitment to a "One New Man" understanding of the Gospel -- Israel's last-days spiritual awakening to Yeshua ( = "Jesus" in Hebrew) as Messiah in unity with a faithful remnant of churches from every tongue and tribe among the nations -- that also came to include John Mulinde of Uganda's "World Trumpet Mission" and its "Go Nations" imperatives over the next several years.

This vision of a "One New Man" focus for our church's energies was seen to be part and parcel of the Holy Spirit's anointing and outpouring through that "open portal" (from Heaven) by the sanctuary Cross. Besides the Conversion of Israel, a list of "mandates" was given to us by the Lord, which included ministry to Native Americans, commitment to Life (especially, but not exclusively, for the unborn), prayer for the U.S. government, intercession for the Persecuted Church, evangelization of Muslims (and others who have not heard the Gospel), Unity of the Body of Christ worldwide, and active pursuit of Healing (whether physical, relational, or spiritual) by God's grace through the working of the Holy Spirit.

These "mandates" and the outpouring of God's Spirit associated with them, and with the prophetically seen "portal" in our sanctuary, are special emphases that center in Jesus Christ alone, and which honor the Fatherhood of God, the total truthfulness and integrity of His Word in Scripture, the call to missions (that has always been a part of this congregation's heartbeat), and the Body-life (as "family together") that all true Christians everywhere uphold as a key part of the New Testament faith.

As we continue to make use of God's gifts to bear witness to these aspects of the Gospel of the Kingdom, until the King Himself returns, we therefore also keep remembering and honoring our more personal heritage together as well, and welcome new members to the "family" here at Way of the Lord, to both join us and to find their own special place in our midst!

Meanwhile, more broadly, November 1st is, traditionally, "All Saints Day" on the church calendars of most Western Christian denominations. It is recognized and set aside so as to underscore that ALL are needed in this task of final "harvest", as the earth itself is now being called to FOLLOW JESUS WITH NO "TURNING BACK", to obey His leading, and to be found faithful as/when history comes to its soon, on-rushing goal and climax. How appropriate, then, that The Move (celebrated October 30-31 this year) leads into All Saints Day as a "capstone!"

Oh Lord, may You be pleased with these our broken but unceasing efforts for Your purpose, especially during this season of the year! Not only efforts by anointed "leaders", but also by ALL whom You are calling and equipping and then using by Your Spirit!

Dr. Lance Wonders

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