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Our ultimate goal is to exalt Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in everything we are, say and do.  We envision ourselves as a fellowship of believers who live in harmony with God our Father and with one another - Spirit-filled, confident, faithful men and women, happy marriages; children and teenagers under authority; fathers who are dynamic spiritual leaders; wives and mothers whose works praise them, homes that display the order, warmth and joy of Christ's presence; children who are mighty in spirit; widows and the poor with their needs met; and people, through their lifestyles, who bring conviction of sin among unbelievers when they see the reality of living in the kingdom of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Purpose for the local Church Community is derived from God's purposes for the Body of Christ.  Only the Bible itself can fully declare the purposes of a community, but the following states those which are of high priority to our Community.


I.  Worship:  We have purposed that our personal lives and corporate gatherings be always centered around the love and worship of God.

  • To guide each individual to commit his life to the Lord Jesus Christ and to love Him with all his heart, soul, mind and strength.

  • To challenge people and lead them to seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness - Kingdom thinking, attitudes, goals and relationships.

  • To regularly assemble together the members of this church for prayer, teaching of the Word of God, fellowship with one another, and to worship God in spirit and in truth, both in all-body gatherings and in home gatherings.

II.  Prayer:  As His spiritual "house of prayer", we are committed to making prayer the foundation of all we do.

  •     To pray for the needs of all men and for local and national leaders and governments.

  •     To engage in spiritual warfare against powers of darkness through prayer, fasting, deliverance, praise, declaration of the Word and the blood of Jesus.

  •     Believing He is present to us, hears our prayers, answers them, and enters our lives expecting the Lord to do the impossible through trusting in His power.


III.  Prophetic:  We are a people who genuinely desire to know, speak and follow God's "now" word and will for His church.  We purpose to help people live in that blessed daily relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ - having the ability to hear His voice and to walk in obedience of faith.


IV.  Word:  We believe the Bible to be the God-inspired, inerrant Word of God and are committed to being a Bible-teaching, Bible-obeying church community


V.  Spirit Filled:  We have purposed to live out and proclaim that Jesus is the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit and that the manifestations of the Spirit are indispensable gifts to build up the Body of Christ.  We purpose to lead people into Spirit-filled life; new birth in Christ, water baptism, baptism in the Holy Spirit, fruit and character of the Spirit, gifts and ministries of the Spirit, and the fellowship and communication of the Spirit.


VI.  Equipping the Saints:  It is our priority to equip and release every person to be a contributing minister of the church.

  • To help people experience all that is theirs in Christ, who has come to deliver us from sin, selfishness, satanic bondage, sickness and poverty in order that we may live fruitful lives for His glory.

  •  To help each member discover his spiritual gift(s) and assist him in using these gift(s) to express Christ's love to those he serves.

  • To call forth and equip laborers to go into the harvest fields, both near and far.

  • To ordain ministers.


VII.  Maintaining Body Unity:  In our relationships with one another and with other local churches, we seek to maintain and foster the unity of the Spirit in Christ's Body.

  • To train members to express their love for the Lord and their loyalty to one another by giving only a good report of each other, following the guidelines in Matthew 18 in dealing with offenses, with the goal of restoration rather than criticism and judgment.

  • Should doctrinal disputes arise, we purpose to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, until we all attain to the unity of the faith.

  • To involve our people in what the Holy Spirit is doing in calling the people of God into a greater reality of the unity of the Body of Christ in our city, state, nation and world.

  • To recognize, support and cooperate with the various ministries established by God to equip believers to fulfill their respective functions as members of the Body of Christ and to bring the whole Body of Christ to maturity and completion.

VIII.  Discipleship:  Our goal is to make disciples, the way Jesus did, that we might help each individual reach their full maturity in Christ.

  •     To build Christ's character in individuals, in marriages and in families, so that we will be a people who are models of what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

  •     To make disciples of all nations and to build up the Body of Christ, as the Lord specifically gives us open doors to do so.

IX.  Family:  The family is a central emphasis of our ministry.  We seek to strengthen every aspect of family life, including traditional and single-parent families.

  •     To teach every man how to love his wife in the same way in which Christ loves the Church.

  •     To teach every wife how to submit to her husband, care for their children and manage their home.

  •     To equip parents to bring up their children in the ways of the Lord on a daily basis.

  •     To motivate those called to a life of singleness to use their time and abilities to the fullest in serving the Lord.

  •     To help single, separated and divorced parents and their children to gain acceptance, security and strength in the Lord and experience His ability to bring about restoration.


X.  Pastoral Care:  We are committed to providing personal pastoral care for each member of the local church.

  •     To baptize in water, to anoint the sick with oil, to marry, to dedicate infants, to celebrate the Lord's Supper and to minister to the grieving.

  •     To function as the Body of Christ and the family of God, with members caring for and supporting one another.


XI.  Evangelism:  We are committed to being an outreaching church, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and demonstrating the power of God unto salvation.

  • To evangelize the lost, both far and near, wherever the Lord sends us.

  • To be a godly influence in society, actively involved in the life of the community around us.

  • To help the poor and downtrodden, the widow, orphans, lame, blind, infirm, diseased, imprisoned, abused, elderly and the forgotten through the Gospel and material assistance when appropriate.

  • To use all creative and modern means to spread the Gospel as the Holy Spirit leads, spoken word, art, music, drama, films, TV, literature, radio, concerts, etc.

  • To send forth missionaries.

  • To assist in establishment, maintenance and up-building of other churches, both domestic and foreign.


XII.  Youth:  We have a mandate from God to help raise up a Godly generation. 

  •     To corporately support the parents' training of their children, thereby equipping them to stand as overcomers and leaders in their generation.

  •     To provide Christian education to the next generation and preparing them for service to the living God.

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