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Poet's Corner



my heart is heavy
life turns so unexpectedly
there is no now between us
now it’s once upon a time
when smiles, laughs and
hugs were enough
when the story of you held
hope for a happy ending
the last page hadn’t been
written yet or so we thought
my heart is aching
tears and words fall softly
as memories play
with ghost-like foretelling
of what will never be
when did time slip away
and when did eyes fail to see and
oh the aching grows
with each scene the depth
of one’s love is outstretched
reminding how short our arms
are, no arms could catch
your heart or carry your load
none but one who
carried it for you so long ago
none but one who holds you
now within His heart
sleep forever in His arms
and count the stars
together until I come
and I will tell an unexpected story
of life cherished, life re-seen
of a new now that will never forget
sleep forever in His love
and count the stars
together until I come

                                             - Rebekah Bye

Psalm of Ascent


The Holy Spirit hovered over the face of the deep.

The great expanse yet undefined and measureless,

Even in the void you saw my unformed substance.

When you called the light to be separate from the dark,

When you lodged the waters apart from the land,

Even then you knew my name. How can this be?

You called to me when yet I had no form.

You said of me, “You shall not be like the others”.


My fingers look like the ones that carved out the valleys.  

My ears look like the ones that heard my voice when I had none.

My feet look like the ones that run to me.

My mouth like the one that called into being what was not.

What grand design is this, that I should know and be known?

The mountains in all their splendor have no embrace.

The seas in all their grace have no breath.

The heavens in all their mystery have no lament.


What words can I hale to honor such design?

My life is a vapor, but my purpose a sacrament.

My frame is dust, but my days are without number.

The earth is my bond, but I ascend to the heavens.

The grave is my end, but not my master.

I go down in weakness,

but rise in strength.

And the Spirit hovers over the face of the earth,

Searching for those who know why they were made.

                                                                                - Hans Martens

The Mountain Calls

(reflection on Psalm 24)

It says, “come by here”

It says, “My way is carefully hewn”

“But not well travelled”

For the way is hard

And the path is steep

Its course will not give way

To the faint of heart

Nor are its secrets

Revealed To the weak.

There is no mercy in its stony face

Its crags pierce all that seek passage.

What do its peaks hold,

That I should take this way;

When it cuts at my flesh

And requires blood?

Yet with every step

My heart grows fonder

And my spirit stronger.

I know this way

Though I have never traveled it.

I know the marks

On this path

That point the way.

These wounds I have taken

That the mountain requires

Are not wounds unto death,

But unto life.

With each step my resolve grows

To discover this mountains secrets

Its terrible majesty

Fills my view

And it treasures now my heart.

                                                                  -Hans Martens

When Truth Comes


Haunting whispers linger in my soul

The past still echoes here in this valley

I’ve camped here, settled for the familiar

I believed this is what I deserved,

Where I belonged


But, the truth is - Truth reigns


Pain kept me blinded with an illusion

Fear and shame were my tent pegs, but

I wasn’t meant to dwell in these shadows of death

I was meant to pass through this valley

This crucible of becoming

Unto the highway of holiness


Because the truth is Truth reigns


Truth is the remedy

Yield to your pride no more

He has chosen you

Redemption is found

On the other side of falling

Truth brings you through


Truth is the remedy

Yield to your fears no more

He has chosen you

Restoration is found

On the journey of following

Truth brings you through


The truth is - Truth reigns

The truth is - Truth rains

In refining fire

You lead me perfectly


When Truth comes -

All lies shatter at your voice

Depression and anxiety bow

All my objections fall at your feet

When Truth comes -

My heart is pierced with your love

My breath comes back to life

And I’m so thankful for your blood


The truth is - Truth reigns

The truth is - Truth rains

In refining fire

You’re leading me home

                                                                -Rebekah Bye

give and receive


the cool breeze drifts across my face

swallowed up in breathless hope


i cannot seem to recall the sorrows

my rearview mirror held moments ago


suddenly I am back in a place of awe and lone wonder

as my mind’s eye gazes on what God had done


he saved a soul

with a soul.

only by love

echoed by obedience


how can one pass by such a stunning sight

one could spend the rest of life

discovering the miracles inside


it is as if i have arrived-

like it is all the beauty needed to fascinate

for a lifetime

yet, life has only begun


the rest is a bonus

more than frosting on a cake

more than pictures of past

its teeming, filling, growing, exchanging

and I can experience the rest

in anticipation- expectancy-


to give is to receive

                                                         - Linnea 


moon and waves


can i sit here again and be with you only?

will the “meanwhile” waves recede?


ive heard tide is mastered by the moon-

is it always the moon who turns it?


it would be a very different story if

the moon were pulled by the water

wouldn’t it?


how does one make the switch

from subject to standard

from lesser to greater


may grace shine and fear be dimmed

may his blood pour over wherever i have sinned

let darkness come into the light

and idols be taken out


if i can be so bold to ask

that my very life be so aligned with yours

i can never go back

may it be so


uproot, take hold

leave behind, and sow


i am your bond servant

may I never let you go.

now your people are mine

your ways my own.

there is nothing you have withheld from me

so I will give my whole self to you


your presence is now my bread

obedience my drink

all else falls below


spirit move and speak

i am now yours.


Draw Me Close

Find me here, find me broken
Brought low in surrender 
May these fists full of ashes 
Become beautiful in your time

When these eyes have become blind
      Overcome by haunting lies
      Restore my sight to see you, again
When this heart has fallen resigned
      Overcome by sorrow and fear
      Restore my heart to hope again 

When the distance is mine
                  draw me near
When the mountain is me
                  move me near
Walk me through my darkness 
                Draw me close Lord
                Never let me go
                Draw me close Lord
                You stay, always 

Find me here, broken open 
By your kindness and love
May these fists full of ashes
Become a sacrifice of praise

When You whisper in the night
                  the way I should go
                  You’re drawing me near, again
When your life-giving light
                    leads me to your presence 
                    You’re holding me near, again 

When the distance is mine
                  draw me near
When the mountain is me
                  move me near
Walk me through my darkness 
                Draw me close Lord
                Never let me go
                Draw me close Lord
                You stay, always 

As you break me open
      You restore my soul 
As you break me free 

      You restore my soul
As your healing oil flows
      You restore my weary soul 

When the distance is mine
                  draw me near
When the mountain is me
                  move me near
Walk me through my darkness 
                Draw me close Lord
                Never let me go
                Draw me close Lord
                Till I stay, always 
                                                            -Rebekah Bye

Loon Song

I heard a loon and in its lonely call,
I heard the cry of all who search for God Unknowingly;
His place within their hearts left desolate, Restless and forlorn and unaware
Of Him they seek.

I heard a loon and in its lonely call,
I heard the cry of God for all who stray and love the dark;
His Spirit ever yearning for the day Salvation dawns upon their Son-struck souls. Back home at last.
                                                                                                                - Kathleen Schalla

I Kneel To You

I kneel to you

O God

It's you who takes

My hand


To rest on

Your salvation

Allows my soul

To stand


Satisfy my broken heart

let this marred man

finally mend.


Without Your presence

if two nights pass

My strength will

surely bend.


The shouts of us

Scream out you

And whispers do ascend


Accept them both

with gentle heart

and your kindness,

Gently send.



When Changes Are Made

A season of reflection,

time for change.

course correction,

choices made.


A quest for ancient spark

leaves others in dismay,

yet know that in tomorrow

there'll be nothing left to say.


No additional words

or unspoken phrase,

petitioning for breath

to stain an ivory page,


No supplement needed,

for herein I convey,

"This moment is forever,

and fleeting all the same."


Seeking all,

while running away,

was deceptive pleasure,

and paradoxical pain.


This secret inner torment

begged me but to stay–

I massacred it in its night,

and drug into the day.


With hope, I close a chapter,

turn from the salty spray,

strap into the pedals,

and strike out another way.



Keys of The Soul

Tired, old, and out of tune

Your shape beckons

Me to the room


Through gapped teeth-

A wise old grin-

Your creaking form

Begs me to begin.


You harbor tales,

Songs of my kin,

Secret melodies

Beneath my skin


Let us dance,

A primeval fight,

Resolving truth

Into the night.


Key by key,

A parry, my plight

The art of melody

To send words to flight


Expressing more

than words contain,

Your opulent variegation

Soothes the pain


Exploring dimensions,

Yet fighting in vain,

Like a holy fire

Burnt in the rain.


One is master,

Though I not him,

His wholeness faltering

Yet binding within..


A dreamers hope,

To slip something in.

Like a rhyme in a poem

Barely missed.


Dear auburn partner,

Oh ivory friend.

Be honest and able,

Dare not pretend.


Purport the world,

And to evil find end

Let's escape this disaster;

Wage a peaceful revenge.


Settled waters,

Understanding you lent;

A better tomorrow

From the places we went.


With heartfelt thanks,

My promise to come,

I entrust you unto

The morning sun...


Back to the Beginning 

Can we go back to the beginning;
When fear was introduced as a friend 
When my voice fell to a silent scream 
When dreams were crushed before they were realized 


Restore my broken soul 
Let me feel your healing touch
Create in me a new beginning 
In your arms and in your love
In your light and in your blood 


Can we go back to the beginning; 
When you fashioned my heart in the hidden place 
When my freedom wasn’t tamed by the shame and perfection
When the constancy of your love was woven into every breath 

Mend my heart whole 
Let me hear your healing song
Create in me a new beginning 
In your arms and in your love
In your light and in your blood 


Can we step into the beginning of my end
Will you break open my blindness to see 
Will you rewrite your truth over lies 
Restore my spirit to trust you completely 


As I offer the sacrifice of my shattered soul
Set your truth deep in my heart 
Breathe life into me again
To stand amazed

                                                                           -Rebekah Bye


On Graceful winds
Flowing, shifting, falling 
Cascading shadows
On Landscape faces 
Ever changing arrays 
Slowly fading colors
turning the seasons

Majestic wrap-around expanse
Every bend, every cloud
Every breath 
An overwhelming offering of beauty

The artist - the sculptor of this land 
He molds mountain curves with Potter’s hands 
He chisels paths in the valley
With streams of living water
Footprints among stones, leading

Echoes linger between cliffs and clouds
His breath moves the wind and waves
A skillful master at His canvas
He spreads color across the sky
Intricacies of a master’s brush 

Open eyes to the heaven in wonder 
Illuminating a resting place 
beneath such majestic powers

A resting place for the living 
A resting place for His heart 
He fashions hearts of His children 
He transfixes with the wonders of creation
for the sake of beauty 
His smile warms with sun-kissed affection 
Drawing near into deep communion

I am safe in these hands
Willing to traverse to the remote 
Willing to find hidden solitude
My soul is satisfied in His song of creation
A Humbled heart-beat of peace

His graceful winds
Flowing, shifting, falling 
Cascading shadows
His Landscape reveals
Ever changing arrays 
Slowly fading colors
His turning the seasons

                                                                         -Rebekah Bye

Psalm of Ascent
Mountain Calls
when truth comes
give and receive
moon and waves
Draw Me Close
Loon Song
I Kneel To You
When Changes are Made
Keys of the Soul
Back to the Beginning
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